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mbrace2™ Saves You Time So You Can Live Your Life

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Find those little shortcuts in life with mbrace2™.

Every day, we’re faced with those little challenges that seem to just make life a bit less enjoyable. These things take us away from the things that really matter in life, and luckily, one company knows what it’s like. That’s why Mercedes-Benz has developed mbrace2™.

mbrace2™ is the technology that makes life easier, giving you back minutes of your life. If you’ve ever lost your car in a crowded parking garage, been stuck in traffic, or needed to find a destination while on the go, you know how time consuming the little things in life can be.

With mbrace2™, you can make last-minute dinner reservations while you’re on the way to the restaurant. Or, if you run into a problem and need roadside emergency assistance, mbrace is there to help. Stuck downtown and need an escape? mbrace will find the quickest route for you, depending on traffic. And for those crowded parking situations, you can find your car or even monitor how the valet treats it as they drive away. You can even get directions to where your friends are meeting up for a night on the town. It’s your own personal concierge team, brought to you by your Mercedes-Benz.

Just to show how much time you can save in these sticky situations, Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the ‘mbrace Minute Challenge’ on their Facebook page. Here, players learn about the features of mbrace while getting a chance to win a trip!

Mercedes-Benz has given drivers a solution to a very real problem. The automaker is using technology to improve drivers’ productivity and ability to drive safely, not distract. That’s a solution we can all live with.